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Relax with a soothing massage

Our qualified team offers, upon request, diverse and relaxing massages, from the welfare massage to the classic sport ones, from reflexology massage to individual health massages.

Shoulder, back neck and full body massage

After stress, overload or wrong postures, shoulder and neck muscles become very stressed, ignite the pain and movement restrictions. Most of our strength is sitting in our back.  Without this power, back problems are a commonly encountered. The large back muscles are often overloaded and respond with restraint.

Classical massage

Traditional massage is an intensive, manual treatment for the complaints of the muscular system through pressure or stretching, tension, vibration. This has a soothing, relaxing and loosening effect. The treatment stimulates the metabolism and promotes the health and well-being.


Classical 40 minutes CHF 90
Classical 60 minutes CHF 110
Shoulder, back neck and full body massage 40 minuti CHF 90
Shoulder, back neck and full body massage 60 minuti CHF 110
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